A New Critical Path- Trust


I have always looked for the critical path- the shortest possible route in everything that I do. Being efficient has always been a big deal to me. I found the fastest way to earn a degree, the fastest way to finish work projects, to get house work done, to get promoted, to own a home etc. However, my critical path methodology never seemed to work on relationships and this is why. My career, education, physical possessions and all these things are all different from relationships. Relationships don’t happen because you plan them.

Relationships require intimacy (closeness, familiarity, understanding, confidence, affection, tenderness). Now to be honest I have met individuals that I felt connected to. But I can’t remember ever having a confidence in someone’s character, to really trust to the point of vouching for them. I had deep affection, I felt close and there was even tenderness. But I was short tempered and not patient with a lot of things, and it boils down to confidence in the other person. Just as I can say the Lord will deliver me, because I know he will. If I know for real that this individual’s motives are true then I can rest in that fact. But I can’t be confident in what I don’t know.

Men are sometimes not truly expressive of who they are in ways that women appreciate. And even if they talk a lot, its usually a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with the main course. Fellas if we don’t know you, we wont trust you. Trust comes from intimacy. Knowing enough to believe. Trust is not faith. Trust comes with evidence that can be seen. Women require security- not knowing makes us edgy and annoying. Ive been there. I’m happy today that I’m over that. I have a God with whom I’ve learned to be intimate. Not just praying because I know I have to pray. But to actual know him and commune with him, it is just a blessing. This gives me the strength to wait. I’m learning to be patient with others. It has now created the basis on which my relationship with my future husband will be built.

One of love, trust and sweet communion. I’ve found a new critical path- thank you LORD!


Enjoying the Comforts of NOW!


Today is just one of those days that I’m truly appreciative of the love of God in my life. When I lived in New York, especially during the winter months, I enjoyed the console of wrapping myself in a fluffy comforter and just melting away in sleepful bliss. Now I’m back in Jamaica, and having a comforter on the bed is just for fashion (It’s too HOT).

As a Christian single, I endure many moments of praying that I was married and had my husband by my side to comfort me. But as I grow in Christ, I’m realizing more and more, that even when I don’t have things going my way, that I always have a Comforter. He is a Comforter that wraps me in a protective blanket in my most trying times and helps me to rest well for my triumphs and victories.

When I look at the harmful situations He has rescued me from, the horrors He has walked me through, the great accomplishments He has helped me to reach, I’m just very appreciative of this specific period of my life. It’s not Disney World, but being single is not all bad either.

In whatever state I am, I know I have a Comforter. So I’m enjoying life now. You should too.

“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever” (John 14:16)

My Conversation with Society 2 Weeks Before My 30th Birthday


Society: Well hello there. It’s drawing near…

 Me: Hey

Society: How are you feeling?

Me: Just wonderful I tell ya, great things are happening in my life.

Society: Great things? You’re single! Your biological clock is ticking so you better hurry up.

Me:  Huh?

Society: Girl don’t you know you can’t hug your degree or your career?

Me: Seriously, who goes to school to hug a degree? Are you trying to tell me that the men of today don’t appreciate strong, intelligent women? Why should I have to choose between a family and an education/Career?

Society: It doesn’t look good. The ideal is for a woman to establish her home and family by age thirty. If you start now you can make it before you turn thirty one.

Me: Just what are you trying to say? Just grab any old body?

Society: An apple is apple. It doesn’t really matter. Choice is overrated when you are lonely.

Me: I can understand your point on loneliness; no one wants to be alone.  I don’t want to be alone. Now Society, you listen, I have absolutely no intention of adding to the already high divorce rates that saturate your existence. My reason for getting married will never be to fit in your little box. It will be to someone I love that also loves me, for me.

Society: hahaha , you are going to be an emotional wreck, you wait and see. After that you’ll become a hard unhappy stone that will make the life of everyone around you miserable.


Me: Society if that’s how you feel about me I’m withdrawing my membership from you. Your definition for a good life is wrong and only seeks to please eyes and the status quo. I’m choosing to be defined by what the word of God says. The man that finds me will find a good thing. I won’t be desperate, I’ll be wise in waiting. Trusting God’s direction and instructions  to my true love.  I will “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen my heart.

A Little Advice:

Dear singles if you have to lose track of who you are to fit in someone’s ideology, it’s not worth it and you won’t be happy. Do you. And do you the right way.

 Till next time God bless you!