A few weeks ago I was at a workshop geared towards men. The theme of this workshop was “Maximizing Your Manhood”. The information was wonderful. There were pastors sharing their experiences to empower younger men. I wish all the single brothers I knew could be there because frankly most men today don’t really know how to be men. They have been socialized into taking on more feminine roles while women seem to be taking the lead.

In most modern homes even when a father is present, the mother is the sole authority on raising the children. I am by no means bashing women, but young men need the mentorship of other men. Mom’s instructions and guidance are wonderful and most times wise, but she is giving it from a female’s perspective. Fathers need to have a relationship with their sons. Talk to them about women, talk to them about handling disputes, take them fishing and hunting, help them plan their future, share your experiences with them. Share the man code. If the father is not present another male can step up to the plate and be a father figure.

After Joshua, there arose a generation that new not God, from what I’m seeing soon there will be a generation of men that will be so emasculated that its scares me. What will happen to the generation that follows me? Or the one after that? Women should not have to limit their achievements to make men feel better about themselves. So many women are currently being verbally and physically abused by weak men that don’t know how to lead. For these men slapping a woman around gives them the leadership role in the relationship. But that’s not being a leader, that’s being a boss. People are willing to follow leaders, but no one likes a boss. Leaders are visionaries not manipulators. Men I beg of you arise and be the leaders you were called to be.
I really thought I was the only one thinking about it, only to find that so many families and churches are grappling with this. Just a note to women, we are not to tear our men down, but to help them build and get to the place God has called them to be.


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