Wrong Number



I’m all for people being creative with technology, but deliberately calling someone you don’t know and then through pretense try to get a date is just crazy.


Have you ever had someone called your phone, only to find it’s a wrong number? Then the person on the other end tries to make a pass at you saying let’s get connected.


Yesterday after one of the most amazing church services I went home and saw two missed calls on my cell phone. I didn’t know the number but called it to see who was trying to reach me. A gentleman answered on the other end and he politely said I’m really sorry about that I think I dialed the wrong number. Moments after that, I received a text message from the same number: “You were not the girl I was trying to reach, but your voice sounds so sweet. Can we become phone friends?” I was immediately reminded of a movie I was watching with some college girls that did that to meet men who they eventually slept with or scammed for money. I also remembered being harassed by a particular young man after my cell network started offering free nights. I had to literally ignore all numbers that I didn’t know for him to stop calling me.


While this could be harmless (i.e. It was an accident) and end up in a meaningful relationship. It can also be dangerous. I also thought of the fact that many adventure seeking young people delve into the practice not taking into consideration that there are so many sex offenders at large. It is not wise to get caught up in this practice as a way of meeting people.


Yes you might be lonely, but try meeting others using safer means. It’s better to be single than to put your life in danger! Please let’s be wise!



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