Making Love Transitions

… And then you meet someone who seems to be all you ever daydream about. In the midst of the excitement, are the questions of uncertainty with what will happen next. Well these three things can help settle your mind.



You need to know that you can trust this individual with being faithful to you. The coming together of two people also means the leaving behind of other things. Some of this requires careful planning because it may require leaving family, friends, employment, homes and whole long list. It is not wise to take these decisions without being committed in that relationship. So one of the first things that should happen before any such decision takes place; is actually being engaged. An engagement officially declares that we are planning to spend the rest of our lives together. It is a official commitement. It also causes the individual to be accountable to you and others for upholding the relationship.


Once you are committed to each other. You each have a responsibility to build and direct your relationship. Accountability is very important in ensuring that even though you are not married there is a support system that will ensure that you do. Accountability involves other individuals who help in making the transition seamless. These individuals include but are not limited to pastors, marriage counsellors, parents and close friends. They help to guide you especially in difficult moments. Accountability is very important; imagine taking a decision to leave your employment and home and then the other person changes their mind. That could be devastating.

Future Security

After being committed and accountable to each other, there needs to be some level of comfort as to what the future will be.  Where will we live? Will there be sufficient income? Will I be worse off than I was before I got married? These will be especially important to the individual who will have to leave most behind.

If these three areas are resolved it begs for a good start to marriage bliss. But I will advise that if there is no commitment, one need not to worry their brain about what it is that will happen. Enjoy each day rather than stress about it. Once you become committed deal with the questions as they arise. Remember to enjoy every day, make note of them, they will be fund memories to review later on in life.


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