Love Expectations

while im waiting

When I think about my future husband, I always imagine someone who is not only going to be a lover but someone who is able to be my best friend, brother, partner, pastor and companion. Based on what or who I saw, there came a time when I took a decision that maybe I’m better off by myself. I can’t speak for all women, but I do believe that we don’t just want to be a spouse, but rather we want to be a part of his everything.

I want the love of my future husband to recognise that I’m more than a beautiful face and shape. I have God aspirations. I am anointed to do great things in the Kingdom. I am poised to be great in all aspects of my life. I want him to know that the spirit of excellence is upon my life. And I want him to also appreciate all these things about me.

I’ve never believed in mediocrity, though sometimes in my zeal I might overlook some areas and things might appear that way. And so, I am by no means seeking mediocrity in a life partner. I wonder at times, do I have a perfect match? And if I get together someone that meets my expectations, will I meet his? Oh the mystery of God’s will at times.

Our expectations can be so crazy that we get love in the palm of our hands but might not hold to it because, it doesn’t meet our expectations. The goal is to ensure that we base our love expectations on Godly principles. Before forming expectations, get in the WORD. What says the Bible about a good wife or husband? How should they operate? If our expectations are flawed, we might in the future endure hard times in our relationships when these expectations are not met. My prayer today is that in looking for our spouse, we build our expectations on the principles that God has set out in the WORD.



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