Single By Love!

Often you hear the many reasons why individuals are single, common of which are by choice and by circumstances. But how can one be single by love. Doesn’t love bring us together? Doesn’t love draw others to you?

Many can testify that they are not single because they choose to be. They can also tell you it’s not because they couldn’t be married. But it was more so because they are waiting and preparing for that one individual that God will bid them to. They might have met someone that they fell head over heels for. Everything went in gear to move towards marriage and the Lord said no. God wasn’t trying to make them unhappy, but He has the ability to see what is in the future for both individuals concerned. As such they can say I am alone because God said so. In their love for God they obeyed. While there are others that did their own thing, ignoring what God has instructed and later on would have to bear the burden of the pain of disobedience.

There is also the scenario of marrying someone that you are not in love with. Many enter loveless marriages for varying reasons: status, money, stability, sex, citizenship, to fit in and the list goes on. But marriage shouldn’t be based on these vain things or whenever these are gone, the marriage will crumble. Love bears all things so it will cause people to cling to each other. The vainness of our society has devastatingly affected the marriages of today. The divorce rate is proof of that. It is better to be single waiting for love than to marry for reasons other than what God intended and end up going through the trauma of a broken marriage.

Then there is the scenario of red flags and cards going up all over the place. That is, you met or like someone, but they do little things that indicate to you that they are just not right for you. These are not just frivolous things, but cornerstones to who you are. Things like that individual’s faithfulness to God and family. Is that person obedient to the word of God? This is always a good distinguisher. How compromising are they? Key note in this area will give you a true idea of the individual’s character. In this sense you love you enough to not be led like a sheep to the slaughter by a ravenous wolf.

One can be single because God (love) said so. You can be single because you genuinely want to marry for love. And finally, you can be single because you love yourself enough to chose wisely. SO yes we can be single by love!

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