Hearts In Storage

As it is on the dating scene, people move from mate to mate in pursuit of that special someone. As a result of this, some people get hurt. Some of this hurt takes years to be healed. Sometimes people don’t get over it but instead become bitter and harden not really letting others in.
While some can successfully move on after a breakup, forgiving and then entrusting their heart to someone else; others may give up on relationships all together while others continue having relationships not truly opening up their hearts to those they are with. We can see how the latter two can create problems. A relationship is a true connection of body, soul and spirit. Center to this connection is the heart. Heart has to be in it. However, a situation is created where people are in relationships and their hearts are just not available. Not available because someone broke it.

These broken hearts are treated similar to how we treat our other broken possessions:

  • we get it fixed,
  • we remove it from operation and store it somewhere that it is not seen or
  • we toss it out.

I want to however, zoom in on the heart that is broken and placed in storage. I recently started using fresh or dried beans when cooking rather than buying the canned ones as I found it to be a healthier choice. I was fascinated to see how the dried beans came alive after being soaked in water for a while. Through the process of osmosis dried cells were rejuvenated. Makes me think about the hearts that are broken and stored away. Left dry and hard, that they can come alive again if infused in the water of love and healing.
Paramount in this healing process is forgiveness. If people fail to forgive, they will remain bitter and hard. Too many singles fall in this boat. Unresolved issues cause serious problems when people come together in a relationship. If you are currently dating, and suffered from a broken heart try forgiving those who have hurt you.

It is also good to communicate your grievances with the those that have hurt you. Get it off your chest calmly and respectfully. Face the problem or the issue. Apologize when you are wrong and be ready to release people even when they have wronged you and refuse to accept it and apologize. The freedom that comes from a clear conscience is priceless.

Trust God to heal you. His love is above all and He  mends the broken heart!

Don’t place your heart in storage- fix it!


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