Dealing With “Thus Saith The Lord”

For all my fellow singles that are in church, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  
“Jesus said that you are going to be my wife/husband”
“The Lord told me you are going to be married on such date to such individual”
These prophesies can alter your life forever. For some individuals, instead of seeking the Lord as to how to proceed they just took the word as is on their terms, trying to live up to it.  Then they find that nothing is happening and then a whole bunch of other issues come along. 
“Did I do something wrong?” “Am I out of God’s will?” “Does this mean that I’ve missed the marriage boat?”
If you are currently asking yourself these questions or others similar to these, please take the following into consideration before casting doom on yourself. 
1. Firstly, whenever you get a prophesy it is not something that God wants to keep a secret from you. It is to comfort, encourage, rebuke, edify and such the like. If when you got a word it was not confirmed in your Spirit you can Ask the Lord for confirmation and or clarification. An angel of the Lord came to Gideon, yet he still asked God for a sign (Judges 6). There are other times that you will get a word and know that its from God because it was already lingering in your spirit or because it spoke to issues that are in your past and or present situation. Remember when the prophet went to David regarding Uriah’s wife? When he said what God told him to say, David could confirm it within Himself thats why he pleaded with the Lord for the life of the child (2sam.12:7-16).
2. Secondly, what is the order to the promise? What is it that you must do?   Ask the Lord how you should proceed. Remember how Abraham and Sarah tried fulfilling God’s promise to them on their terms? Rationalizing what God said instead of getting their instructions from God. Don’t ever do that for there is a price to pay. Moses was not only told he would deliver the people but he was given instructions as to how. Its the same thing with Gideon. God is not the author of confusion. If the word is real and of Him, He will give you instructions. 
3. Thirdly, who is the prophet? Has he/she been proven true in the past? How do they benefit from what is being proclaimed to you? Is the prophet living for God? Remember by their fruits you shall know them. The prophet should never be in contradiction to the word of God.  
So if you got a prophesy regarding your spouse to be, please make sure that you seek the Lord and resolve it in yourself. Because you don’t want to be taken advantage of. In addition, if the prophesy is of God and you don’t believe it, unfaithfulness can also cause you delays. Never stop seeking the Lord 🙂 
By whispersofhopeabm

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