Indecision and Greed Shall Keep You Single

A man walks into a diner and to his amazement he finds all the tables furnished with food and well presented. He took a step back and analyzed it well and picked the table that garnered most of the things he liked to eat. He was satisfied with his choice and sat down to delve in. He then looked up and saw a table that was about five tables from him so colorfully delicious that he couldn’t resist. So he didn’t bother to have the food at his first choice, but now wanted to explore the enticing colors of the table afar off. As he walked over, the picture became clearer. It was a table set for one who was vegan. Being a meat eater, he didn’t bother to sit, but decided to browse through the other tables to see if they were better than his first pick. None of them pleased him as much. So he decided to go back to the first. By this time, other patrons started coming into the dinner, and when he walked back to the table he finally chose, someone else had occupied it and so it was with all the other tables. Even though he was first, greed and indecisiveness caused him to end up with nothing.


So it is with many in seeking a partner. They have prayed for a spouse being specific and God has answered their prayers and placed their heart’s desire on a table before them. But then the “I want to make sure I’m not missing out steps in” and makes a mess of everything. Did they not get their heart’s desire? So how is it that they are missing out? Greed, I tell you. Greed will cause them to end up with nothing. They will never be satisfied with God’s provision and will continue to browse in indecision until nothing is left for them to take. 

By whispersofhopeabm

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